Winters are the time of the year, most dreaded by the drivers. The roads are covered with snow and the visibility is low, which makes driving difficult. Opting for winter tyres is an effective solution to make driving safe in winters. Most of the reputed tyre manufacturers have their range of winter tyres.

Here are some winter care tips for tyres in Brisbane, to enjoy a hassle-free and safe drive.

Drive with smooth movements

The roads are slippery and covered with snow during winters. It is advisable to drive carefully and at a standard pace. Sudden acceleration and braking results in the tyres losing grip. Pay attention to the road conditions and drive carefully without exaggerated steering movements.

Tyre rotation

The tyres of a vehicle do not wear evenly. Tyre rotation aids in the even wear and tear of tyres as the position of the tyres is changed during rotation. Consult a professional dealers of tyres in Brisbane, and get the rotation done for every ten thousand kilometres or as mentioned in the user manual.

Uniform equipment

It is essential to have uniform equipment to maintain the safety and performance of the vehicle. Use winter tyres of the same design and brand for all the four sides.

Check the tread

Check the tread depth of the winter tyres regularly. Tyres should possess good tread in order to provide steady grip for the vehicle. Check the tread depth by yourself or visit a tyre shop in your neighbourhood to get it checked. Winter tyres should possess a minimum tread of 1.6 mm.

Check the speed limit

The speed limits are described on the external side of the tyres and in the user manuals. Use winter tyres that have the optimum speed limits that match with the vehicle and with the law.

Store the tyres carefully

When the winter tyres are not in use, store them carefully. The tyres must be stored in an inflated condition. Place them in a vertical position on a shelf rack, at least 10cm above the ground.

Follow these simple winter care tips and keep your winter tyres in Brisbane in top performing condition. Consult a professional mechanic, whenever you notice anything amiss with the tyres.