Review and testing magazine Which? recently released their list of the best gas and oil boiler brands in the UK, weighing in on the brands available in the country. Most companies usually add things like positive reviews or seal of approvals that you’ll see when you check out their website, but many will be disappointed as Which? only gave their Best Buy recommendation to 5 brands, 2 for oil boilers, 3 for gas boilers.

Now, you might be thinking, this isn’t a big deal, but in the world of marketing, having a notable publication come out and basically say your brand is “meh”, if not outright bad, is a huge deal. You could call it a bad ploy, but considering that this is a trusted brand, with what appears to be a solid method for acquiring data.

According to Which? they surveyed at least 12,000 boiler owners and 166 of their Trusted Trader heating engineers to get their data, in order to discover which brands were the best for Brits, figuring out which brands broke down the most in people’s homes, and how the heating engineers perceive each brand.

Now, if you’re looking to check out their website, Which? has locked the names of the brands behind a membership account. Though one can see the scores from the brands, from highest to lowest. The page is effectively teasing which brands are the best and which are the worst. It’s compelling, that much is worth noting.

According the survey’s result, the best brands weren’t always the biggest ones in the UK, though they did fare quite well, all things considered. The data is fairly intriguing, if nothing else, and is definitely worth a look, if you’ve the means of seeing the actual data.

Now, this survey isn’t something new; stuff like this is fairly common in the corporate world, as people always want to get the best value for their purchases, and brand loyalty is something that companies seek to foster in their customers. Given that Which? is a nonprofit under the Consumers’ Association, its name and verdict carries quite a bit of weight, so this survey is definitely going to leave a mark, most of it not so good.