Most companies have already launched a website for their business online. This way, they can have a wider reach of their target market. They will also increase their potential profits by making themselves available to the market 24/7. Indeed having a website online for your business will certainly help you. If you are in the industry of web design services then you know that your profession is a very lucrative business. You should be aware of the latest trends in order to keep up with changing times. Here are some unforgettable trends in the past year.

Moving images

With the advancement of technology, it has seemingly become easy for web designers to add moving videos and images in websites and without having to take tons of spaces. It is for this reason that many are looking forward to this new trend and are predicting that this will linger. Certainly, people want to feel like they are transported to the world of Harry Potter when entering your website. Moving images will add fascination to the typical stationary objects or images. Movements catch the eye of web users. Who will be the one to use this best to their advantage? Well almost every business can make use of the moving images.

No more stock photography

Today, people are not inclined to glamorous shots anymore. They want pictures and views that are more realistic of what a particular product or service really portrays. Gone were the days of product photos and dry stock photos with uninteresting white backgrounds. People are inclined into wanting personality. They want the story. Websites are intended in order to create and maintain the relationship that you have with your audience or market. The simple idea is to make things real for them. Having glamour shots and flavorless photo will turn your audience off. This is not really authentic. They want the real deal or the real score.

Indeed, web design is just like fashion design where the trend of today could be downplayed tomorrow. It is for this reason that you need the opinion of expert advice from Perth Web Design.