Today, being on the web is almost an essential part of the growth of a small business as the industry of a website designer, especially areas like Perth, grows. It is almost necessary for start-up businesses to be able to have a good website in order to be successful. Along with having a website, following the latest trend in web design would also benefit the growth and success of a small business as the design of a website can make or break the interest of site visitors and potential customers. Thus, it is also important to be able follow web design trends for a small business to flourish and to convert your website visitors into potential customers. While there are many trends to follow in web design, we have compiled a few trends that we believe will surely help a small business.

1. Videos

Having background videos at your homepage gives the visitor a quick overview of what your business is all about without him having to read so much content. Huffington post reported that big web companies like PayPal have seen a huge success when they made the switch to having videos on their homepage. However, the draw back to this is that the video may take time to load and would leave the visitor waiting and waiting. Therefore, a good mix of video quality and size helps to minimize loading time yet still provide ample viewing content for the visitor.

2. Bigger is better

As they say in Texas, bigger is better. The same could be a successful trend in web design. We’re not only talking about big photos here. We’re also talking about large fonts. Having large photos and fonts on your website helps in getting the attention of the visitor and will make them more engaged. Apple and Google have both taken the lead in implementing this trend onto their websites.

3. Use ghost buttons

‘Ghost buttons’ are those transparent and empty buttons that have a basic shape form, such as a rectangular or perhaps squared. They give users a great experience as ghost buttons are made to be the focal point when visiting the website. On top of that, they are aesthetically pleasing to look at and have been used largely in tech-based films like Iron Man and Star Trek, which only makes the visitor feel like going into a futuristic visit when entering your website.

4. Open data

Well, this isn’t exactly ‘design’ in the strict meaning of the word. But it gives a feature to your website that will enamor potential customers with the honesty and openness of your website in terms of sharing and publishing data. On top of that, this adds up to site visitors as your website may also be visited for academic purposes as well.

Those are just examples of trends that we believe will help small businesses gain the attention of potential customers and more publicity. There are a lot of other web design trends that can be emulated and followed other than those of what we mentioned above. It is up to the business-owners themselves on what they believe will give them results based on the goals of their businesses.