Carpeting is an expensive asset in a home. The carpets should be regularly cleaned and maintained in order to enhance their durability and to maintain the original sheen. Hiring professional carpet cleaners helps homeowners to take care of their carpets.

Here are some tips to help you search for a good company that offers carpet cleaning in Perth, along with services like tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Know the cleaning process

Carpet cleaning can be done in different methods. Homeowners should research the internet and know about the different techniques used for carpet cleaning, like wet cleaning, dry cleaning, steam cleaning etc.


Ask for references of reputed carpet cleaning in Perth companies from your family, friends and colleagues. Once you have a list of a few carpeting cleaning companies, search the internet and know about the credentials of these companies. You can visit the website of the companies to know about the services provided by the company, read company profile and get information about the existing clients of the company. Get reviews from the existing or past clients to know about the quality of work of the carpet cleaner.

Ask for quotes

Most of the carpet cleaning companies provide free quotes. Once you shortlist a few companies, contact the company and request a quote. However, do not base your decision on the price alone. The price depends on a number of factors like, the cleaning technique used by the carpet cleaners, the quality of cleaning products, the experience and reputation of the company and so on. Use the price quote as one of the factors to base your decision.


While negotiating the price, ask for the inclusions and exclusions from the service contract. Most of the carpet cleaners quote low base prices and offer the basic service. They charge the customers for every extra service like moving the furniture, cleaning the stairs etc.

Cleaning team

The cleaning professionals enter your home in order to clean the carpets and upholstery. Select a carpet cleaning in Perth Company that has well qualified and experienced employees. The employees should be in uniform and carry the company ID. The company must screen all its employees and conduct thorough background checks before hiring them.