Painters and decorators can turn their passion into something very profitable. Start your own painting and decorating business. Establishing a business may not be that easy especially if you do not have some entrepreneurial background. You may ask coaching from experienced businessmen. After all, what is very crucial in a business is that you sell and service people with what you are passionate with.

If you are into painting and decorating, it is vital that you create that winning portfolio which you will show to your clients. Your portfolio will include the experiences that you had even if you labored those for charity sakes.

To help you in starting your business, here are some tips:

• First Step: Formulate and put into writing your business plan. You must ask the coaching of accountants or those skilled business managers to help you project your expenses, expected income, target market and your strategic marketing plan. This is a crucial step for you to accomplish so that your business will have a clear direction as to where it is headed. In the long run, this will also help you attract potential investors to your company.

• Second Step: Research, gain knowledge and understand the business industry. If you are not a painter or a decorator by profession or have very little knowledge regarding the industry, then it is best that you gain insights and experience from established businesses. You can apply as an apprentice.

• Third Step: Secure the necessary permits and licenses. You need to operate legally. Ensure that before you open your services to the public, you already have the necessary legal documents.

• Fourth Step: You need to get insurance. Insurance is a protection for your business from any mishaps that may happen.

• Fifth Step: You should determine whether you have the appropriate resources to finance your business. Before starting your business formally, you must know if you need outside financing. Then you scout where to borrow money.

• Sixth Step: Get hold of the necessary equipment and machines to start your painting and decorating business.

• Seventh Step: Creatively and strategically market your business. You can market your business the traditional way by handing out brochures, putting up advertisement tarpaulins, etc. Or you may opt going online and promoting your business by launching your own website.