If you’re running a business that’s handles party rental or marquee hire in Melbourne or anywhere else, you’ve got a business that’s a good way to make money, even for someone who’s busy with other things. Party rental businesses gave a lot of potential for growth, capable of growing from a side project to a major business.

Of course, if you want a business to grow, you’ll want to learn how to operate it. Finding people for wholesalers to supply you, find interesting new ideas for operating your business or working with complimentary business in order to help your own enterprise grow.

If you’re running a marquee hire in Melbourne or anywhere, here are some tips for you.

  • First things first, get supplies.
    • If you’re going to run party hiring company, you’ll need supplies. Marquee tents, seats, tables, plates, and other things. It’s a fairly long list, truth be told, but you have two options for how you’ll get them. Either you rent them, or you buy them wholesale. Rental costs more over time, while outright buying them will cut down on your costs in the long
  • Secondly, how you get things moving.
    • Once you have the supplies, you’ll need to handle storage and transportation. Storage rental units are relatively cheap storage options, so you’ll want to consider them. There’s also a chance of things getting lost, as difficult as that might be to accept, so get some insurance just to be safe. For transportation, panel trucks and vans are good for getting stuff somewhere, but you’ll also want reliable people to set up the stuff once they’re there.
    • You’re running a business. Every business is decided, made or broken based on its marketing campaign. The internet is a useful tool for this, but the old-fashioned methods like posters, business cards and word-of-mouth still work. They’re tried and tested, which is why they’re still around. Remember, pay attention to what your business is, and figure out what your audience.
  • Trends are a thing.
    • Keep an eye out on local events, and have the right party supplies to be prepared for any sort of occasion. Stay on top of trends, trends change, parties changes to meet those.