The shift from brick and mortar stores to online retailers is real. This is proven by data gathered from Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that were 17% up from last year’s sales. However, the overwhelming success of online retail came at the expense of brick and mortar stores that fell to 11% from the year-ago period. The success of online retail provides an opportunity for many industries particularly the packaging industry since products have to be shipped to customers. Packaging stands to gain as long as customers continue with online shopping.

The shift from online shopping to mobile shopping

One of the most interesting things about Black Friday and Cyber Monday is not only the shift to online retail but mobile shopping. An example is Walmart where 70% of online shopping was generated through mobile devices and not the traditional desktop computers. Consumers are making their message clear that they will use their mobile phones and tablet computers to shop online. If your website has responsive web design it can easily adjust to whatever platform the customer is using to access your site. The content of your website including images can easily fit into the small screen of a mobile phone without any changes to user experience. After viewing several websites on my mobile phone, I can’t help but wonder on the technology that allowed such functionality in action.

Effortless multi-device adaptation

Multi-device adaptation is the main benefit provided by responsive web design. Your website becomes accessible to any type of device that your customer prefers to use. Aside the adjusted size of content, navigation is also adjusted to deliver an exceptional user experience Creating multiple versions of websites can be expensive for a small business. Responsive web design allows you to update one platform through content management system (CMS) without the need to work on several versions of the website. Another benefit is the URL structure remains constant for all the devices which make it easy to optimize and upgrade content for SEO. As long your content is fresh and unique, Google will continue to send its spiders to your site so that it can index your pages.