Having online presence is important for Honda motorcycle dealers because it allows them to connect to customers who prefer the convenience and efficiency of online shopping. A few decades ago, motorcycle dealers have to rely on walk-in customers within the area where the physical store is located. Dealers ensure that they provide good service to gain word-of-mouth recommendations.

However, if there are advantages to technology, there are also challenges that businesses have to overcome. Some of the most serious challenges include data theft, online fraud and cybercrime. According to the results of a survey carried out by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSM), small businesses usually lose as much as $4,000 due to cybercrimes. The study also revealed that at least 33% of the members of FSM were victims of cybercrime like full-on data breaches, hacking attacks and malware infections.

The effects of cyber attacks to SME’s include work disruption, financial loss and loss of reputation. Sadly, SME’s do not have the right skills and financial capability to install security measures that will safeguard the integrity of their information. SME’s have to protect their business from cyber criminals that can infiltrate the system and steal data to cause website downtime. When customers cannot access the website, they often transfer the search to the competition.

No system today can be considered foolproof. Anyone who has the resources, time, skill and determination can infiltrate and compromise a system. In order to prevent the system from being compromised, the business must put in place measures that will not make them an easy target for cyber criminals.

Cloud computing is now being accepted by businesses because they know that it a safe method to store and secure important data. Cloud computing is very critical for businesses today to safeguard the information of their customers. Data encryption is another tool to secure confidential and sensitive information.

The good thing with Honda motorcycle dealers is they have a well-secured website and a physical store. Those who are planning to buy can search for the motorcycle they require through the website. After the customer has reached a decision, he can visit the dealership to actually check and buy the motorcycle.