Healthcare technologies are evolving and huge changes have already been witnessed through the past few decades. Hospitals have been transformed because of legacy systems like electronic health records or EHRs. These are paper records that are stored in digital format. The order was given by the HITECH or Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act to follow the new systems and implementation was possible because of ARRA or American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The transformation has made it possible for healthcare personnel as well as physicians to get medical records when necessary. There are also new technologies utilized as medical director support that has made a big change in the healthcare industry.

Majority of medical facilities are now using the EHRs with the help of traditional architecture where client information are saved on a server. The operations in the healthcare industry have made things more efficient and they have made the customers the focus of their services. In addition to this, utilizing cloud computing would transform health care operations on a new level because of the convenience and cost savings.

This is an ongoing process as many are not yet familiar with the cloud services. With cloud computing, on-demand service is provided while using the latest technology. They will be able to store information, resources and applications and access it whenever and wherever they are within a single network. The infrastructure is quite complex that not everyone will be able to understand.

Many have already testified to the ease of using cloud computing as it eliminates the need to have multiple computers inside medical rooms. There is no need to invest in state-of-the-art hardware that can store big date and software that can handle these because the cloud has it all. One will be able to upload information, store in on the cloud and retrieve it whenever needed.

There are many developments being made as of the moment to make sure the cloud will remain secure as this is one of the primary reasons why some health care organizations are not using it yet. For those in the emergency medical services, they have proven the usefulness of a medical director support that is based in cloud computing when doing their duty to the public.