A conference is common to huge groups of organizations and corporation being held for several days annually. During the conference, people with common interest meet for business, political, or academic purposes.

What is Conference Management

After setting a plan as well as the objectives, conference management occurs as a result of the discussion of the plan. It involves the overseeing of the execution of the event, monitoring the development of the tasks of the team members, and resolving issues and concerns onsite. The conduct of conference management can be done within the company or by a conference organizer.

Types of Conference Management

  1. In-house conference management

Most business owners choose to plan and manage the conference internally with their available manpower and resources.

  1. Joint-management

This is a type where the organizers hire professionals or agency to do the work with them during the conference. The work is divided between the teams based on capabilities and experience for best results.

  1. Total outsourcing to third parties

Some owners prefer to let a third party handle the task from the beginning to the end.

The process of Conference Management

  • Developing a master plan including the budget
  • Setting of the objectives of the conference, the date, and its location
  • Identifying different teams and people who will be involved
  • Reviewing the plans as well as assigning the tasks to the members
  • Setting a timeline for completion of tasks
  • Inviting speakers as well as arranging for some entertainment if required
  • Finalizing the list of guests and delegates
  • Finalizing the registration, deals, and pricing
  • Arranging deals with vendors and suppliers
  • Arranging for hotels bookings, transportation, and airline companies
  • Choosing software for an automated process of the conference as well as website and apps
  • Making a payment method for registrations
  • Sending invitations to the participants
  • Updating delegates and speakers for any new developments regarding the conference
  • Preparing onsite operations and tasks
  • Reviewing hall decorations, equipment, furnishing, and other items
  • Preparing the kits of participants

To be able to achieve smooth conference management, all people concerned in the project must be fully aware of their roles and the timeline of delivering the tasks. Proper planning and preparation will contribute to the success of the conference.