CPU manufacturers might have found the last few years interesting. Many years ago, people are already content with the capacity of their laptop’s battery like and they make do with desktop computers that are not only noisy but gets hot very fast at the same time. The setup of the past is very far from the present with Intel embedded PC and other technology that has penetrated the industry.

Ten years ago, both AMD and Intel are leaders in what they do. Everywhere you see a laptop being sold you can see that it holds the undeniable audio logo of Intel. AMD further grew after they acquired ATI which is a leader in graphics back in 2006. The challenge with these leading chip companies is to keep up with the changing times and it is obvious that they could have done better.

Currently, the field of technology is changing in a very fast pace but AMD and Inter are both slow when it comes to changing their focus and giving more importance to mobile computing instead. Because of this, other chip manufacturers such as VIA, ARM and Qualcomm, were able to take the top spots in the latest market.

The prospect was not very good a few years back but there is now a glimmer of hope as the demand for gaming PCs is starting to pick up again. There are now more options when buying laptops while the tablet market is not doing quite as good.

When 2018 began, both AMD and Intel showed that they still have their strength especially when it comes to desktop PCs as well as high-end forms of desktop. AMD launched their latest products – Threadripper and Ryzen CPUs. Intel, on the other hand, came up with a core processor equipped with six cores and it currently their eight generation. This is not the only core available as the Core i9 range has a lot more to offer.

With the demand for Intel embedded PC picking up, the two companies are not partnering in order to develop a mobile process which is going to be powered by the graphic chip from AMD and the Vega M which newest core from Intel i7 range.