Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting things in a couple’s life but it is also one of the most stressing. The most obvious solution is to hire a wedding planner who will take care of everything from talking to vendors like wedding marquee hire in Sydney, caterers, wedding venues and photographers. In fact, wedding planning services has become a big business.

In terms of extravagance, nothing beats Indian weddings. The larger than life lavish affair lasts for at least 5 days. Because of the growth of the Indian economy, many couples within the 23-30 years old bracket are now aspiring for unique weddings at exotic destinations. Destination weddings are romantic and intimate but it involves a lot of planning, coordination and adherence to budget.

Because of the increase in grandiose Indian weddings, hiring wedding planners has become a big trend. The wedding planner discusses the requirements of the wedding with the couple from the invitation cards, destination, flowers and décor, food, the number of guests invited and many more. After making an analysis of the information, the wedding planner can provide the couple with an estimate of expenses.

Wedding planning is a stable business in India that is unaffected by economic ebbs and flows. In the wedding industry, the standard fee for consultation is 10% of the wedding budget. Wedding planners usually have tie-ups with florists, photographers, beauty specialists, caterers, bands, singers and other wedding vendors.

Modern innovations in technology have influenced the demand of clients so that wedding planners have to experiment with a range of creative ideas from 3D presentations to smart lighting. It is expected that wedding planning will emerge as a highly successful business particularly since they have to satisfy the constantly evolving and exotic dreams.

The optimum in presentation can be provided through wedding marquee hire in Sydney that will provide clear roof structure marquee that can be decorated for a wedding reception. The site of the wedding will be assessed to determine the size of the area, surface, location and other special circumstances that can affect the installation. The marquee can be decorated with flowers, candles, special lighting and other décor to create a spectacular wedding venue.