Technology has changed every aspect of our daily lives. It continues to impact our day to day with new discoveries. We used to buy video games from a physical store but now it is possible to find cheap CD keys online without having to go outside the comfort of our homes. Needless to say, the gaming industry has changed tremendously since the introduction of video games. Here are some of the techs that disrupted the gaming industry and making waves all over the world.

Facial recognition. This technology along with 3D scanning is now possible thus gamers are able to create custom avatars in the gaming world that looked like them. It is now possible for a human to transfer his or her expressions in digital creations present inside a video game. Not to mention the latest Real Sense 3D camera released by Intel that makes it possible for the game settings to recognize the emotions of the players.

Amazing graphics. Many years ago, playing games mean we have to deal with the basic graphics showing only 8-bit but because of technology video games are now presented with realistic textures. Due to the higher quality of the game’s images, the player feels as if they are inside the video game.

Augmented reality. There are those that are not really impressed with the virtual world and this is where augmented reality comes in. this makes it possible for players to play in the real world without the monitor or television limiting the gaming world. Spaces in the real world are used in conjunction with the game and even objects inside the game can be utilized as if in real life.

Voice recognition. This technology is expected to put the controller manufacturers out of business. This will give players the option to play without using keyboards or other external hardware such as gaming console. Voice commands are not getting popular with the introduction of Siri and Cortana and the gaming world is just starting to play catch up.

High-definition displays. There are thousands upon thousands of video and computer games available with cheap CD keys which makes it more accessible for gamers. The biggest change in the visual department with these games is that these are now presented in high-definition and can be used in the latest models of laptops and televisions.