When you want to learn the latest news, you need not borrow a newspaper from your neighbor. You can simply log on to your computer. Surf the net and click on some news. Technology has placed the world right in front of you. What you need to do is click and you will be served with the information that you need. When you want to know of the latest gadgets, you can visit Babandoo.com and check out the latest model of the mobile phone manufacturer that you are dying to buy. The point is, whatever is it that you need to do; you can do it even when you’re sitting on your most comfortable chair. That’s how you take advantage of technology.

You might wonder, what are technology’s greatest inventions? Here are six of them.

• Mobile phones or cellular phones.

Communication is vital to everyday living. Relationships will not last a decade or a year if there is no proper communication. Thus, mobile phone is at the top of the list.

• Microwave oven

The invention of the microwave in the 1940s has opened a new road to food preparation. It revolutionized the cooking world and instant food gained widespread popularity.

• Global Positioning System

With the GPS, one can track the location of someone or something. The police, military and even ordinary people use the GPS. When you want to ensure the safety of a loved one, you can track them through the Global Positioning System.

• Personal Computers

Computers several decades ago were only used by big time businesses. However, as time elapsed and as the need of people evolved, personal computers were invented.

• Music through gadgets

Music has always been a part of human existence. The world will be dull without it. One of the greatest inventions of man would be digital music. You could now listen to your favorite Nirvana song through your phone or other high tech gadgets.

• Internet

The advent of the Internet opened up waves of opportunities. At anytime, one could learn just about anything by surfing the net. The creation of Internet has truly, magically revolutionized the world of manking.