Shifting homes is a challenging task. There is a lot of planning that goes into successful shifting. Choosing a reputed home removal company helps to ease the burden of shifting. But the presence of a number of players makes it difficult to choose the right movers company.  Here are some tips to find the right movers company.

Ask references

Ask references from family and friends, who have used the services of a Sydney furniture removals company earlier. This will help you to get first-hand information about the services of a moving company. You can also check online forums to know the reviews for different moving companies in the city. Choose a company with highest ratings and more number of positive reviews. The websites of moving companies will also have testimonials from past customers.

Get quotes from at least three different companies

Once you have a list of a few trusted moving companies, ask them to inspect your furniture and provide quotes. The movers companies need to come to your home to inspect the furniture and other items that need to be moved. Discuss all your requirements with the movers. The charges usually depend on the amount of furniture that needs to be moved, type of packing, the need to disassemble or assemble furniture etc. Compare the quotes provided by different companies and choose a company that provides good quality services at reasonable prices. However, consider other factors like the reputation, customer feedback and experience of the company along with the price quotes.

Insist on written contracts

Have all the details of the contract in writing. The contract should have detailed description of the furniture, the type of packing materials to be used, the number of crew members, the services provided by the company, the type of transportation provided and details of guarantees provided by the company.


The movers company should have proper insurance. It is utmost important if you moving cities. Ask the representative of the Sydney furniture removals company to show you insurance documents and verify their validity. You can also call the insurance company to check the validity of the insurance. If you have high value items in your furniture, opt for additional insurance.