The Fine Arts students from the Royal Danish Academy presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair of 2018. Their new collection of furniture focuses on pieces that will help younger students concentrate better in their school classrooms. The annual Stockholm Furniture Fair is part of the design week organized by the city every year. As school moves towards modernization by purchasing new furniture for school classroom, the new collection is launched at the perfect time.

The group of students is composed of nine people and their designs are intended to be used in schools all over Denmark. This is to adapt with the bigger class groups thus students are required to be at school for longer times than before.

Keeping in mind that the year 2020 is almost here, the students developed different systems that will motivate the young students to concentrate while they are inside the classroom from stools, desks and squishy seats.

Gunilla Dueholm Persson, one of the students, said that the project focuses on the classroom and the realization that children learn better when they have a variety of furniture available at their disposal. They made sure that the furniture pieces are ergonomically suitable for young students.

She added that in order for them to design what the students need, they went to schools in order to experience their typical day and this is when the projects took on a new turn for each of them. Each member of them focused on aspects that are vital in order to add to the learning curve of the students.

Majority of them focused on alternative seating such as a stool called Alert which is made by designer student Anna Sogaard Hanser. According to her, the stool lets the student get comfortable while keeping the body active. A second stool was created by Dueholm Persson and named it Log. The material is lightweight as it is made of squishy foam. The kids can move it from one part of the room to another.

Malte I Sehested Juul, on the other hand, created the Shift chair which is made of weed incorporated with steel frame. These are only some of the newly designed furniture for school classroom and hopefully schools in Denmark will be able to pick up on these in order to improve students’ concentration.