Years ago, high-tech features can only be found on vehicles that were manufactured under luxury lines. This is no longer true because some of the best technologies can now be found even in least expensive vehicle models that are traveling on the road. These cars might not have top quality leather seat covers but the technology embedded on these machines are designed to make the ride more connected, the travel more efficient and most especially the whole experience a lot safer for everyone involved.

One of the best examples is the 2019 model of the Hyundai Veloster which is quoted to be worth $18,500. This year’s model is more affordable compared to the previous ones. It comes with a number of high-tech features such as an infotainment system which can be accessed through a touch screen device with 7-inch screen, can be connected to Bluetooth devices, compatible with Adroid Auto and Apple CarPlay and there are several USB ports available.The audio system is a standard type with six speakers and it has a head-up display along with a monitoring system for drowsy drivers.

Another option is the Honda Insight 2019 model which is estimated to be worth $22,830. The sedan is a compact vehicle with four doors that is equipped with hybrid powertrain. The EPA based on tests can reach 55 mpg when driving within the city while highway road trips can reach 49 mpg. The entire vehicle is equipped with Honda Sensing Suite which focuses on assisting the driver and prioritizing safety above all. The infotainment system can be accesses through a 5-inch screen and it supports the free smartphone application for Siri Eyes.

Last recommendation is the 2019 version of the Tesla Model 3 which retails at $35,000. The word Tesla and technology is somewhat linked which is not surprising with the array of high-tech features that come with this model. Owners can customize with leather seat covers to complement the interior technology. For instance, it comes with a huge touch screen which is the control panel. It is also capable of jumping from zero to 60 mph within 5.6 seconds which is quite remarkable.