Substantial growth has been seen on the solar energy market over the past few years. Without solar panels on the Gold Coast, homeowners have to suffer from high electricity costs. Besides that, solar energy is clean and environmentally friendly, sustainable and renewable. As long as there is a sun, there will be a constant source of power for solar panels.

Solar energy is released by the sun and captured by different types of technologies. There are other sources of solar energy like solar thermal energy that involves collecting heat from the sun’s rays. However, most people refer to solar energy that hits the earth’s surface and captured using photovoltaic systems. Photovoltaic panels work by separating electrons from atoms that hit the panel which creates electricity. Silicon is a material used in photovoltaic cells but research is being done for other materials.

During the creation and installation of solar cells, some initial emissions may be noticed but once the solar panels are fully installedthere isdefinitely no pollution. The solar panels will simply gather energy so that the household no longer has to depend on fossil fuel.

Fossil fuels are not infinite; there will come a time when they will be all gone. Solar energy is sustainable because the sun will never be gone from this life. About 170, 000 terawatts of solar energy are received by the earth continuously. A fraction of this energy is enough to provide the energy needs of the world.

Since the sun shines everywhere, solar energy can be an option for every country. However, there are differences in the amount of solar energy received. For example, countries located near the equator receive more solar energy than areas with least sunlight. The sunniest parts of the US receive 4.7kWh for every kilowatt of solar panel while those that receive the least sunlight produce 2.9kWh a day.

In spite of the differences in solar energy received, solar panels on the Gold Coast are a viable investment. Australia has some of the best conditions for harnessing solar power in the world. Gold Coast boasts of 300 sunny days every year. It is easy for solar panels to provide all of the energy needs of a home.