Aussie ticketing firm Oztix recently revealed that they acquired PleezPay, an event tech firm, making them the largest independent ticketing company in the country. On top of that, they also have plans to undergo significant change of staff, with the aim of driving the company’s success in Australia. Regardless of what’ll actually happen, it means that the event industry, marquee hire on the Gold Coast included, and the staff can expect some shaking up.

According to PleezPay Commercial Manager, Simon Docherty, they’ve admired how Oztix has operated in the event industry, in the niche of event ticketing, and they’re delight that Oztix was the one to get the PleezPay platform and elevate it to the next level. Docherty says that they what Oztix has; the experience, marketing knowledge, and security, will be good for the continued growth of PleezPay. He adds that the company culture that Oztix has built is a key part of their success, and that he speaks for the rest of PleezPay when he says that they’re excited to become part of the family.

On top of announcing their acquisition of PleezPay, Oztix also released some juicy details on several major internal changes to the staff, which include the appointment of several new people in key positions:

  • Steve Tassone as General Manager;
  • Jim Cunningham as National Operations Manager;
  • Amy Gates as NSW and ACT Business Development Manager, and;
  • Dave McCarthy as Digital Campaign Specialist.

Steve Tassone spoke on the hiring, and his newest post, saying that it’s hard to actually verbalize how excited he is about Oztix and the potential of the company.

As a major player in the event industry, companies like marquee hire on the Gold Coast, ticketing, and the Aussie music industry took notice of the staffing changes. Oztix says that these changes are essential to their changing business strategy.

Tassone notes that the recent acquisition of PleezPay and Moshtix makes Oztix the AU’s premier independent ticketing company, something that they see as a massive opportunity for growing the company moving forward, and that he, and many others, are excited to prepare the company for more growth and scaling.