It is common for event planners to use technology during the performance of their profession. For example, the internet can be used to connect to marquee hire in Sydney for an outdoor event like a wedding, product launching or corporate activities. Aside from social media, event planners use search engines like Google to find product and service suppliers.

New York is being considered by two of the biggest companies in technology, a move that experts say is proof of the Big Apple’s ascendance as a major technology hub. According to the New York Times, Amazon has closed a deal with Long Island City for its 2nd headquarters while Google has plans to highlight its presence in Manhattan.

Tech companies are attracted by the depth of the city’s massive talent pool and its rich diversity. When the tech industry continues to expand is footprints in the city, New York City will be transformed into a vibrant technology stronghold. New York City is also a place where people want to live because of the presence of education, expertise and access to capital and customers.

The city also boasts of attractive characteristics that include the presence of arts and cultural institutions, public transport that connects neighbourhoods, restaurants, coffee shops and bars. Almost 320,000 people are employed in the tech industry and the city has invested on the youth to prepare them in joining the ranks.

Amazon and Google are expected to expand their existing workforce. Amazon has a global headcount that is more than 613,000 and 2,000 are in New York. Once Amazon builds its 2nd headquarters, 25,000 highly paid employees could be brought to the area. Google has a total of 94,000 employees globally with 7,000 working in New York. According to a report from Journal, if Google adds space in the city, there will be a total of 12,000 employees.

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