Having members is necessary for a group to continue existing. As a consequence, recruitment is a very important aspect of any organization. How it recruits, who it recruits, etc. These things are important for any organization to consideration in order to ensure it achieves its goals, work at maximum efficiency, etc.

But as with anything, recruitment can be difficult. It is, ultimately, a tool, and tools can be handled well or badly. Here are some tips to ensuring your recruitment goes as well as possible, and as many customers would be holding a membership card; those ID cards in Australia are very important.

  • Consider who might join. Take into account who would be a potential member. Using your organization as reference, find people who would be interested in joining. Take the time to research people, find out who they are, and, using that information, decide who you’ll try to recruit. It might be worth investigating similar organizations to get a feel for prospective members. Don’t just consider giving away ID cards in Australia to anyone on the street. Having a set target in your recruitment will save you precious time and effort.
  • Develop a unique edge. Give your association a unique edge in recruiting, something special that answers, “Why this one? What makes this better than the others?”. This special something needs to be unique to your association and will act in differentiating you from the competition. For best results, ensure that the answer can be summed up as shortly as possible, like in one sentence.
  • Have a special offer. If the special edge to your organization is the answer to “Why you?”, the special offer answers “Why now?“. One proven offer is to provide a limited-time introductory fee discount.
  • Promote around a recognizable idea. Using something akin to an invitation, certificate, or anything with some recognizable authority that makes people go “I need to answer this“.
  • Think conversationally. By that we mean, when you write your promotion, you go through what a typical conversation between you and a prospective member.
  • Set up a system for accurately tracking responses. Accurately tracking and analysis of responses very important, though sadly, undervalued. It is basically the vindication of all the efforts made for recruiting.
  • Give recruiting adequate funding. Give the membership recruitment isn’t working out, perhaps the budget isn’t enough. Ensuring that the recruitment effort is well-funded will ensure that recruitment works well. Remember, recruitment can determine whether or not your organization survives.

Those were our tips to ensure that your recruitment goes well and you’re not left with a membership card stash that’s collecting dust.