Sky Central a 3-story building with a total area of about 46,000 square meters houses more than 3,000 employees. The building includes an office, studio and production facilities with research and development zones. Sky wants its employees to enjoy access to consistent and strong signal source so that they can communicate wirelessly in the building.

Martin Eddleston of Sky said that their company installed a single operator DAS on its existing buildings but for Sky Central, they have to implement multi-operator coverage to cope with a bigger volume of users. DAS System is works like a mobile phone signal booster or repeater that is composed of a network of small antennas installed throughout the building.

DAS operates through a licensed spectrum that is owned by mobile network operators (MNO’s) and connects back to the carrier’s base station. With the number of employees working in the building and the importance of mobile communications, it is critical to have a scalable, high-performing and future-proof solution.

Zinwave’s DAS was chosen by Sky Central because of its reliable and robust wireless communications that allows stable and consistent mobile signal and IP access services including public safety. Public safety was one of the requirements of Sky Central because the organization is obliged to optimize wireless coverage in the facilities at the same time that it ensures the safety of emergency service personnel who are operating on the site.

In many instances, dense materials used in a building become the barrier to mobile signals. This is usually the cause of problems like weak signal which is usually solved through the installation of a mobile phone signal booster. For Sky, Zinwave provided a solution that can overcome the issues on mobile signals by directing all signals to exactly where they are needed. With the DAS solution, employees at Sky enjoy seamless communications at all times.

Installation of a mobile phone signal booster is a straightforward process that does not require professional expertise. More information on how to amplify signal for mobile communications is available through There are different models to choose from but a customized solution is also available for your personal booster kit.