One of the best results of the stiff competition in the hospitality industry is improved facilities for guests. If you will notice, hotel near All Season’s building includes a spa, fitness centre and outdoor pool so that guests will feel good. Of course, there is internet because it has become a popular requirement of travellers before they book for accommodations.

You will immediately notice a traveller from his luggage. Whether it is an overnight business trip or a week-long leisure holiday, a traveller always requires a luggage. Unfortunately, travellers have to pay for baggage fees because they take up space. A traveller also needs to carry his luggage from the airport to the destination and then lug in again for the flight back home.

Luggage Transport was once a service provided by airlines and hotels for premium travellers. Through luggage transport, a travellercan simply leave the Airbus A380 at SFO and take an Uber or taxi to the hotel. No more wasted time and efforts figuring out how to bring the luggage to the hotel. To remove the most mundane from the traveller’s concerns is the main objective of Luggage Transport.

A San Francisco-based start-up exhibited Luggage Transport at this year’s Smart Cities area at CES2018. Its goal is to provide reliable, secure and on-demand delivery service for luggage so that travellers can enjoy a hassle-free experience. The base fee is $35 for 2 bags with an additional fee of $10 for a third bag.

Luggage Transport has a team of trustworthy luggage transporters at the airport to affix a lock on the baggage and transport it to the hotel. A photo is sent to the traveller to show how the luggage was delivered. During departure, the traveller can leave the luggage at the hotel’s concierge station after taking out the luggage tag or snapping a picture of the luggage number.

Hotels and airlines make the effort to relieve travellers from the drudgery of travelling. If you book for accommodations at hotel near All Seasons building, you will enjoy special packages and discounts on room rates including free room upgrades, special offers on spa treatments and a lot of other benefits that will allow you some savings.