The modern age is seeing the growth of automation, rising digital literacy, and e-commerce, and its affecting how businesses across the world. Logistics is not exempt from this. Increasing disposable income, dual-income households and increasing urbanisation, among other factors, have led to developed and emerging economies to follow logistics trends in order to stay strong in the market.

Whether handling exercise equipment delivery or food logistics, there are key trends in the market worth keeping an eye on. Here’s some of them.


Blockchain technology allows logistics companies to failsafe digital contracts, and its getting more and more popular. Blockchain increases efficiency and transparency when it comes to recording transactions, keeping track of assets, as well as documentation, so it makes sense that the logistics industry at large is adapting it, from warehousing to delivery top payment. Definitely something to keep an eye on.


Increasing connectivity has led to concerns about cybersecurity and the safety of logistics. There’s also the increased demand for transparency, safety and accountability when it comes to shipments, which is why companies like FedEx are embracing things like automatic identification and data capture (AIDC), for keeping an eye on shipments in real-time.


Digitalization is changing industries across the world, and logistics, with all its healthcare, IT, and exercise equipment delivery, is no exception. Increasing digital literacy and awareness of online platforms means that customers are becoming more privy to customization with purchasing. It’s probably the trend that’s gaining the most ground. Digital channels in the logistics industry have also improved transparency for customers, while, for the businesses themselves, increase safety and efficiency.

Last mile deliveries

With the increased ubiquity of e-commerce companies, last mile deliveries are increasing in popularity, particularly when it comes to differentiating market players. On top of that, same-day delivery services are pretty much the norm now, with businesses seeing increased emphasis on same day delivery options, not just with logistics, but also in pharmaceuticals. The increased emphasis on same-day deliveries, as well as the customization that digitalization that allows for, means that options like last mile deliveries are becoming more favourable as a prospect, with companies like Walmart and Amazon opting to operate their programs.