Fifty years ago, parties used to be simple and laid back. The concept of having a party hire in Sydney is still foreign as everyone is used to organizing their own parties. Fast forward to fifty years later, parties are much more than music and food. Inviting a lot of people means you will need help from hiring party essentials to preparing the food. If you want to truly impress your millennial friends, your party has to have something more to offer such as the latest tech.

One of the most essential techs would be Monsieur, a robot equipped with AI tech and has the ability to serve as the party bartender. The device is as small as a tabletop and costs $5,000. It has a 10 inches touch screen display wherein guests can choose from the 300 different cocktail available. Monsieur will mix the chosen cocktail and serve it. You can also send an order through the mobile app to avoid falling in line.

The good thing about ordering through the mobile app is that the system will be able to monitor the amount of drinks the guest has consumed and will automatically call a cab if the alcohol level on the blood is already beyond normal.

Technology makes it possible for you to be your own VJ. All you need is the Scratch 2 Go made by Ion. The system can be connected to a mobile device to access the playlist and it can be connected to the tablet to achieve spot-on scratching controls and precise pitch. Video projections are also possible in real time using footage taken by a smart phone. The video can be projected to a flat screen television through Wi-fi.

Gone are the days when parties need lighters in order to light up. We now use LED wristbands as well as mobile phones to create the same effect. Companies specializing in lighting are developing new technology that can be implemented on lightings used in either small or large parties. It can be used in complement with lighting from a party hire in Sydney to make the whole scene more alive.