Every position has its own job description that outlines the main responsibilities and duties that comprise a certain job. Each item in the job description must be well understood by the individual to be able to properly deliver the responsibilities stated.

It is essential to know the job description of a plumber in Brisbane to help the individual determine if his skills can do the stated duties and responsibilities and if the job is what he actually wants to do. The following is a sample of what a plumber in Brisbane does in his job:

Job purposes:

The purposes of a plumber are to install, maintain, and repair the fixtures and pipes that relate to heating, water distribution, cooling, and sanitation in commercial and residential buildings.

Job duties:

  • Reads blueprints and specifications of buildings to layout maps for drainage systems, pipes, and various plumbing materials.
  • Mounts support for equipment, pipes, and fixtures before installation.
  • Mounts fixtures and pipes such as toilets, sinks, water, steam, air, gas, and other liquids.
  • Adjusts lengths of fixtures, pipes, and various plumbing materials.
  • Assembles valves and fittings for installation.
  • Uses pipe cutters and saws as necessary.
  • Coordinates with contractors, electricians, pipefitters, construction workers, and steamfitters in repairing and installing plumbing.
  • Mounts air-conditioning systems and heating, and water heaters.
  • Analyses problems and leaks in the plumbing system.
  • Selects plumbing supplies based on location, budget, and uses.
  • Analyses glitches and identifies the right tools and supplies for repair.
  • Writes a report on incidents and actions taken.
  • Adheres to safety and health standards and follows the building codes.
  • Prepares schedules and bids as well as oversees workers, helpers, and apprentices.

Job skills:

A good plumber’s job skills include – collaboration, good analytical and problem-solving skills, ability in decision-making, possesses good listening skills, effective verbal and written communication skills, good time management, accounting and business skills, good interpersonal and customer service skills, excellent technical and mechanical skills, strength and stamina, and ability in trouble shooting.

The duties and responsibilities of a good plumber indicate well his strength and capabilities in handling plumbing works. His job description summarizes his ability in performing the job that is expected of him.