Passionate fans of motorbikes can go to Suzuki motorcycle dealers in the UK for a complete bike range, parts and accessories including insurance. Everything is in one place which is very convenient to riders who do not want to go from shop to shop. If you are Suzuki motorbike fan, it is worth knowing that the Japanese manufacturer is considering an electric future for its two-wheelers.

It is still relatively unknown whether Suzuki’s electric two-wheeler is a motorcycle or a scooter but it will definitely be a sporty commuter. Indian Express interviewed Suzuki India’s head Koichiro Hirao who revealed that Suzuki is on the process of creating an electric two-wheeler for the Indian market.

Earlier news revealed that Suzuki has collaborated with three other Japanese giant corporations on swappable battery technology. This means that an electric future is inevitable for Japanese 2-wheelers. Suzuki India is also seriously considering the government’s goal on making 2-wheelers that are below 150cc to be fully electric by 2025.

According to Devashish Handa, VP of Suzuki Sales, Marketing and After-Sales, the project is already under development but there are not sure when it will be introduced to the Indian market. The government of India has already declared its intention and the project has to be converted to comply with regulation. They are waiting for the regulations in the Central Motor Rules to be clarified before launching the electric 2-wheeler.

It is very unlikely for the electric 2-wheeler to be an e-scooter because its market is already overcrowded. It is possible that Suzuki is developing an electric motorcycle because the segment is unoccupied. Only Tork and Revolt have near production ready models.

If you will go by Suzuki’s Gixxer SF and Gixxer SF250, the new electric 2-wheeler is likely to be a sporty commuter along the lines of 150cc motorcycle in performance with an electric powertrain and fancy equipment to catch the attention of consumers.

It is important to find Suzuki motorcycle dealers in the UK that have vast experience in the industry because they can help you on the best bike that will suit your budget and lifestyle. You could also get some parts and accessories that can increase the bike’s performance.