IKEA is known for its cheap prices, and functional home and office furniture, so imagine the surprise (or lack of thereof) when the Swedish company released a podcast listing down the company’s catalogue. It’s a form of advertising, sure, but that’s not what’s made it noteworthy.

It’s designed to put you to sleep.

That’s right, a podcast designed to knock people out. The podcast is a 30-minute long piece listing down the company’s catalogue, starting with bedroom furniture, up to office furniture, then ending at the bathroom. According to the company, it’s designed to help Kiwis cope with the recent changes to daylight savings, and is hosted by two long-time employees, Sara and Kent Eriksson, with the option to choose between the two IKEA veterans.

According to an IKEA spokesperson, the Erikssons were chosen for the podcast due to their intimate knowledge of IKEA’s products. The pair noted how often they get asked by co-workers how to properly pronounce the names of IKEA products. They say that they’re not really sure if a Kiwi could properly enunciate the names of all the IKA furniture, which is why Kent and Sara were chosen for the job.

The podcast can be rather informative, at time. You’ll notice how all of IKEA’s bookshelves are either named using Scandinavian names for boys, or for professions, while bathroom items sport names from lakes and other bodies of water. Most of the 30-minute podcast, however, is exactly what you’d expect it to be; the Erikssons reading the IKEA catalogue to you.

IKEA New Zealand Market Leader Will Edwards describes the podcast as a unique take on creating white noise for the background, and one option for helping Kiwis get some sleep, as if acknowledging how utterly boring it would be to have to go through the entire IKEA catalogue.

He says that IKEA knows how important sleep is for a good life, and, as home experts, IKAW wants to do what they can to help people get the best environment for their sleep, so they feel refreshed, and ready for whatever comes their way in life.