There are many instances when professional packaging designers and creative agencies meet difficulties with design which results into unnecessary delays and increase in cost. Packaging designers have to second guess any issues and pitfalls that may be encountered before the design goes too far. However, Creative Edge Software introduced the award-winning iC3D version 4 software to address the concerns of packaging designers.

The iC3D version 4 software incorporates new features for a revolutionary 3D photorealism with v4 developed using customer insights on the necessary elements they desire in packaging design. The powerful all-in-one 3D packaging design app can create on-screen 3D mockups at any stage of the packaging design process. With iC3D software, there is a reduction in the time to market the brand particularly if all the features and aspects of the technology are used to address all concerns.

The five new features of iC3D v4 include Ray Tracing, 3D Model Interiors, Light Map Editors, Dynamic Backgrounds and Perspective Control. All these new features will allow a significantly accurate simulation of a various visual and optical effects that will help designers avoid any errors in design. With this latest technology, the importance of professional photography in promotional materials and packaging design is reduced because designs can be literally be created from scratch and printed immediately as true photographic images on boxes, promotional posters and images for website content.

iC3D v4 can now be used when designing packaging for various products like luxury beverages, food, cosmetics and a range of other packaging essentials that include cartons, labels, flexibles for bottles, shirk sleeves and wraps and point of sale/point of purchase displays. For brand owners, packaging designers, agencies and product retailers, iC3Dv4 can dramatically reduce time to market and overall costs while enhancing and facilitating the creative process.

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