When you want your trucking in Cambridge to be successful, you need to choose the right carrier. To help you determine the best trucking company to work for, here are some tips and advice to make it the best.

  • My Personal Experience with Big Trucking Companies

Most of my job experiences with carriers worked positively except for one. I was an owner operator for a huge Canadian carrier and stayed there for two months. The driver recruiter deceived me. I found out that I was just in his list ever ready for dispatchments every day. This mindset never worked for me and the miles they promised were unreal.

Some huge trucking in Cambridge provide their drivers with free CDL training, but it was only great if I stayed with the company after the training. However, these companies offer very cheap wages to truckers, although I’ll get adequate experiences from the trainings. If this was your first year of professional truck driving, it should be the toughest.

  • Medium-Sized Carriers Are Better Options

I had a better chance to work for medium-sized carriers. A staff knew my name and recognized me for my top-caliber driving skills. They were a smaller company that recognized the results of my work. What makes the job here great is having the owner of the trucking in Cambridge accessible and available. He was there to pay me my salary each week, which he did just to make his drivers assets to his business. Medium-sized trucking companies paid higher and better structured salaries to entice and retain good drivers. They also provide good quality and well-maintained equipment to ensure the safety of everyone and the goods to be delivered.

  • Search for a Company that Offers Freight Lanes to Your Favorite Areas

This is one consideration in my priority list, especially that it will provide me a chance to run the trucking in Cambridge to places I like to travel to. I prefer carriers offering services in these areas on a regular basis. This will also provide an opportunity to be familiar with the routes and save me from trouble when I’m driving.

  • Driver Focused Companies

I like a carrier that treats their drivers equally. I certainly wanted to be treated with respect, and not just any driver on its staffing list.