Facilities like Manchester storage used to be the option for stashing away personal stuff. More recently, self-storage has become the choice for a new generation of businesses who find the facilities as a cheaper alternative to a warehouse. It makes sense for a new business to opt for Manchester storage because it a potentially a cheaper and more flexible solution to get established. Newly built offices are getting smaller and they are unable to provide for adequate storage space.

Self-storage is deeply ingrained in the American way of life. And it is no wonder that the most recent trends in self storage starts from the nation of hoarders. One of the upcoming trends that have started in the US is on-demand storage. The self-storage industry is gaining a strong foothold in the US self-storage market because it is adding another layer that is influenced by technology.

How does the technology of on-demand self-storage works?

A self-storage facility has a platform that allows customers to browse facilities in their multiple locations, see pictures of the units and find out information about the basic amenities offered. Booking is also available online after the customer has chosen a space in the facility to store their stuff. Users can also log in and get detailed descriptions on the inventory of the stored goods, recall what they need and have the goods delivered to the address they want whether their own residence or that of a friend.

On-demand storage works like a hotel where reservations can be made online for the destination of choice and the duration of stay. Customers can also extend the amount of space they need including the length of time they will need the self-storage unit by simply logging online.

On –demand storage has reached India through StoreMore that has 10 self-storage facilities in its network. StoreMore provides one lakh square feet of space on a monthly rental basis just like renting a home. There are additional charges for parking and transport of goods including re-delivery. StoreMore’s vision is to build the largest network of self-storage facilities to become the leading provider of space for both households and businesses in India.