In theory, we understand how PV solar energy works, that is, silicon panels catch sunlight and convert it into power. After we talk about using solar energy for business, we need to learn how a solar system works in our real lives. What does it take to install a solar panel system? How are commercial panels installed? What is involved in solar power planning?

These are good questions to tackle how solar panel installation on the Gold Coast is done. When you or your organization is considering installing solar panels, the following are the steps during the pre-construction stage. Be mindful, though, that not all the steps need to be followed here as it is a common guide.

  1. Contact the solar company

There are so many solar companies in the market today. You need to research the one with a good track record of the job. You can ask for recommendations from other organizations that are already using solar power. Ask relevant information about the solar panel installation on the Gold Coast to ensure proper understanding of the process.


  1. The solar company representative arrives

The solar provider will let its representative do an initial inspection and discuss with you about your energy needs in the future. Other relevant matters such as location, obstacles, load profile, and other things will also be discussed.


  1. The audit group comes

The audit team is expert in doing the essential parts of the installation especially on how your solar panel is connected to the utility grid. During the audit visit, many important items will be discussed.


  1. Design phase

The engineers of the solar company will create a design for your solar system, how it is going to be installed, the equipment needed for possible upgrades, and many other things.


  1. The project manager comes

The project manager is the point person of the project who will handle all your questions and concerns.


  1. Application to the utility

Once everything is settled, the team will apply and get approval from the necessary government agencies to obtain the necessary permits required for the system.


  1. Ask about upgrades

The utility will make sure that your plan does not cause danger to their infrastructure. Upgrades are needed for bigger solar projects.


  1. Approval

The construction can start when the utility agrees with your plan and every requirement is accomplished.

The process of installing a solar energy system can vary depending on the location, any obstacles, complying with the requirements, and other important items related to the installation.