For those who got engaged, they think about how much their wedding will cost.  They need to allocate a budget for this big day, so that it’s memorable and that everyone attending will enjoy and have fun. This is a big concern that all engaged couples ask themselves, their friends and their wedding planner in Sydney, so that it will push through.

And as planners, that question can be something they hate to respond to. Honestly, they don’t even try to give a hint, especially if this is their first time to meet the couple, and don’t know about their expectations and tastes for the big day.

When a couple asked a wedding planner in Sydney how much a typical wedding will cost, he told them that it’s like a friend from overseas asking about how much dinner will cost in Sydney. One needs to bear with them. So you ask himif he would want a table clothed and fine dining at the Café Sydney. Or would it be at the waterfront view of the Coogee Pavilion or Watson’s Bay? Or if he wanted burgers in the iconic Surry Hills Pub, Fish and chips at a beach in Bondi, or street food in Chinatown? Any of these could be what your friend is searching for. Sothe price really depends on the experience. It’sa similar case when you plan a wedding! The only difference is having more people coming for lunch or dinner, what they want to wear, the rides that take them to the event, and more. Now, do you get the idea?

A survey had been done to several brides and it resulted to an average of Australian wedding costing around $51,245. It’s actually a price higher than last year’s survey of around $48,624. It is inclusive of the dresses, flowers and styling, and the venue. This information will somehow aid the couple have an idea on what to expect for their wedding.

However, every couple must take into consideration that their wedding can be different from the others. As they want their wedding unique and different, so does their budget. But they need a wedding planner in Sydney to make a successful and meaningful wedding.