A power fence energiser can be battery or solar-powered to produce a high voltage pulse. The energiser will provide pulse to the fence for once in every second, which runs about 150-microseconds.

If a livestock touches the electrified fence, the pulse will cause a shock and make it move further away from the fence. The contact of the animal to the power fence will warn that they can be shocked with the circuit. Why the electrified fencing is installed is to ensure that the herds don’t leave the property but move away and ensure protection. As they are in shock, the animals will realise that they are bounded by the fence line.

The livestock will need to be educated to show respect to the fence. It is a psychological barrier that they are not allowed to go beyond their perimeters. If they approach and touch the power fence, they can feel pain which will not last long and do no harm on them. It’s very much different from what barbed wires provide as it can cause serious cuts, lasting pain and can damage the hide.

Here are the reasons why you should have a power fence on your property:

  • It is low cost. There isn’t much materials and labour involved when creating the fencing on your property.
  • It is so easy to construct while having lesser and lighter materials.
  • It has a longer span while providing minimal physical pressure on the fence.
  • You can have multiple applications with the power fence while it discourages trespassers and predators.
  • The existing fences are improved by the inclusions of electrified wires. It helps extend the life of the fence.
  • It is simple and flexible way to efficiently subdividean enclosure intended for pasture management, production and intensive grazing.
  • It has low maintenance as you only need an energiser run by battery or solar-powered.
  • Can cause minimal damages to stock. As the power fence provides shock to your livestock, they will sense that it is the boundary to their limits. You also protect them from attacks of wild animals or possible bush fires which can cause damage or injury.