Gloves are usually used as protective gears for your hands or as an accessory for a presentation in school. But with advancement of technology, a glove could make you an instant musician.

Where it all started

In Essex, England, a woman flips her hand and a drum beat was heard. The drum was not there nor did she have any sticks in her hand. It was through a mere twist of her wrist that the sound was produced.

How is this possible? She is wearing the Mi.Mu Gloves. These are fashionable gloves that will make you an immediate rock star. Music is now wearable and creating that hand gesture will produce a symphony of melodies.

Imogen Heap is the award winning singer wearing the gloves. It all started during her visit at MIT. She befriended a scientist there who was developing something unique out of a glove. Armed with the idea she had in mind, she teamed up musicians, hackers and technology savvy people to materialize her idea. After five years of study, research and experiments, their hard works come into fruition.

How the gloves work

Each glove is packed with hundreds of sensors which act like nerves and transport information to computer software which then interprets it and produces the desired sound from the gesture. It has sensors in every space of the gloves. A tiny gesture like a movement in your fingertips will produce sound. This also means that you need to be careful in making that hand gesture or you will create a chaotic sound.

Ever since, you could always associate music with movement. This concept was used by the team to create this magical glove.

A musical upgrade

News about this incredible glove has already made waves across the globe. Musicians and scientists alike are astounded by this new technology.

Today’s generation has constantly sought out new high-tech ventures. Who knows what the next crazy invention will be? It could be movie costumes coming to life in t-shirts or televisions that give you more than a 3D experience. Indeed, man’s mind and technology are continuously upgrading and there is no stopping to that.