The rate at which car technology evolves is very impressive. Very soon, autonomous vehicles will be taking over the streets and highways. However, one thing that has not changed is the need for regular car service and maintenance. You can bring the vehicle to the cheapest mechanic on the Gold Coast for regular check-up and maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

In the later part of 2017, the co-founder of General Motors Co’s self-driving unit confirmed to investors that the company is very close to putting 1 million miles per month on the autonomous test cars. However, the projection did not materialize because according to a recently released report, GM Cruise only logged less than 450,000 miles all of last year in California.

The amount of mileage was actually predicted by Kyle Vogt the chief executive of Cruise at the time of presentation. General Motors decided to send the new self-driving cars to San Francisco where city driving is considered challenging and testing will help the cars learn faster. As a result, testing in all the locations did not meet the goal.

According to Milin Mehta, a spokesperson of GM, their target was based on expanding resources equally on all the testing locations. Expanding resources in highly complex urban environments is more important in the development of self-driving cars than running the miles in simple suburban environments to be able to reach an arbitrary mileage target.

In retrospect, the predictions of Vogt were actually wildly ambitious. Waymo’s self-driving unit was founded 4 years before the Cruise and yet, it only tested 1.2 million miles in California. In 2018, Waymo’s autonomous vehicles racked up about 5 million miles on the public roads of Arizona. Last year, operations for a robo-taxi service started in the Phoenix area. Meanwhile, GM is also planning to join the ride-sharing program using Cruise self-driving cars.

It certainly does not matter whether you hire the cheapest mechanic on the Gold Coast for car service and maintenance. What matters is having the car serviced according to the schedule provided by the manufacturer. Besides that, the mechanic guarantees all work performed on your vehicle to ensure that your car functions to best level possible.