Today’s society has become dependent to modern technology. From communication to relaxation, one cannot do away with technology’s presence. Mankind has benefited a lot from the use of technology. Transactions are made simpler, man enjoys greater freedom and technology has helped prolong man’s lifespan. But do not be blinded by these benefits of technology. Take into consideration the disadvantages of technology in society.

• Environmental problems

Environmental problems have escalated because of improved technology. Since the invention of cars and other machineries emitting harmful gases into the air, pollution has been an issue. Non renewable fossil energy is used up by these vehicles. The Earth’s supply of these fossil fuels is being depleted every day.

The phenomena known as global warming is gradually having its presence felt. The Earth experiences stronger typhoons and more catastrophic natural disasters. Nature has taken a toll of man’s destructive ways and is now retaliating.

• Fewer jobs for people

With technology today, you can create a business and have it launched online. This way, you save the cost of having to hire employees to look after your store and products. Businesses may be at an advantage but ordinary citizens end up not having any job.

There are also companies that employ robots to do daily manufacturing routines. Machineries work more efficiently and quickly than humans and are prone to fewer errors. Because of this, there are a lot of workers who were laid off.

• Emotional and social dysfunction

While it is true that people can now easily communicate with high technology, the level of intimacy in the conversations is low. If you observed in a group of teenagers, they have lost the sense of communication through casual conversation. Most have their gadgets in hand and are texting or calling someone on the line.

• Competency

With today’s technology you can be informed of the correct spelling and grammatical use of a certain word. To some extent, this is good but if you become too dependent on technology to do simple calculations and spell check, your competency level dwindles.

When used in the right way and for the right reasons, technology can be beneficial. However, if abused, it can be detrimental.