Promoting a business is very essential to make it successful. The number of new customers as well as existing clients, who return to you determine the success of a business. Business promotion helps to attract the attention of prospective clients, increase the rate of referrals and helps to make a business successful.

If you are a new wedding caterer in Sydney, looking to gain customers and improve your business, here are six ways to promote your catering business.

  1. Word of mouth

Word of mouth is an effective way to promote your catering business. It is a traditional method of promotion and works very well for wedding caterer in Sydney promotion. The guests of an event, where you cater should be your key focus. The guests are most likely to book the caterer for their events or refer the caterer to their families and friends, if they are happy with your food and service.

  1. Food bloggers

Try to develop mutually beneficial strategic relationships with the food bloggers in your locality. With the increased popularity of blogs, food bloggers can play an important role in promoting your business. If you are general caterer in Sydney, target blogs that share recipes and kitchen tips. On the other hand, if you specialize in a specific event, you can target blogs catering your target audience.

  1. Visual brand building

The rising popularity of internet and social media applications, make it necessary for every new caterer in Sydney to have their own website and presence on other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Every caterer should have at least three promotional items on the visual media. He should have a promotional brochure with high quality original pictures, a responsive website with menu list and contact information, presence on social media like Instagram and a YouTube channel.

  1. Referrals

Asking for references from existing clients, friends and colleagues from the industry is an excellent method to gain new customers. Referrals do not cost money and is often a successful business tactic for new caterers.

  1. Try to feature on the venue lists

Most of the events require customers to book catering services from their list. Hence new and upcoming caterer in Sydney should try to feature on the Venue lists of some reputed venues in their locality. Differentiate your offerings from the other players and try to get on the venue lists.