LED light strips are gaining importance as the popular and go-to lighting options for home and commercial requirements. The LED light strips are highly durable and long lasting, they consume less energy and are environment friendly. These features make LED light strips economic and practical solution for the new-age interior designers and homeowners.

However, before buying strip LED lighting, it is essential to know about some of the important factors to look for.

  1. Length of the LED – Before buying strip LED lighting, it is important to know the number of the LED lights per foot. The light will be constant and bright, if the LEDs are placed close to each other. If the LEDs are too far apart, there will be inconsistent and spotty lighting. However, use the LEDs per length as only one of the indicator to select an LED strip.
  2. Brightness of the LED Ribbon – All LED light strips do not have uniform brightness. Select the brightness of the strip LED lighting, depending on the area of its use. The brightness of the LED lights is mentioned in lumens. The more the lumens, the brighter the light.
  3. Colours – LED light strips are available in a wide range of colours. Starting from warm and cool white colour, these strips are available in multitude of colours like green, yellow and Red. You can also find multi-coloured LED strips. Select the colour of the strip LED lighting depending on the setting in which they are used.
  4. Colour temperature – Colour temperature is another important aspect that determines the warmness or coolness of the light. The temperature of the strip LED lighting is indicated in kelvins. The more the temperature, the cooler the colour.
  5. Wattage of the LED strip – it is essential to know the wattage of the LED light strip in order to set up the accurate power source for it. The wattage required for the lighting includes the wattage of the lighting system and the wattage of the LED strip. The wattage of the power supply should be higher than the wattage required by the lighting system and the LED strips.

Note these factors, before buying and installing strip LED lighting for your home or office and enjoy durable and energy efficient lighting.