Be it a commercial property, a corporate building or a warehouse, every commercial building needs an efficient security system. These systems safeguard the property and prevent theft and accidents. Most businessmen do not consider installing a security system on their office premises until it is too late. It is better to be safe than sorry and install a premium security system to avoid the loss of time and money.

Majority of the commercial security systems are equipped with

  • Advanced motion sensors to alert you in case of suspicious movements around restricted areas. These Motion sensors can be customised to suit the requirements of the individual businesses. The motion sensors sound an alarm and notify the monitoring station if they notice any suspicious and unnotified movement.
  • perimeter security for added protection of the office premises and advance alarm as soon as someone enters the surroundings of your building,
  • Wireless security systems which can be installed easily and are able to communicate with other devices of the security system wirelessly. Wireless systems do not need a fixed landline and can communicate with your mobiles effectively.
  • CCTV surveillance for effective security of your office. Advanced CCTV models offer clear HD footage of all the areas under surveillance, these cameras can also be zoomed in or panned out with remote controls to change the angle of recording.
  • Access control systems are very useful for offices to restrict access to high security and vulnerable areas of the complex. The access control systems can be installed as stand alone systems for small offices or a complex grid of systems for offices with large areas needing access control.

All these commercial security systems are very efficient in keeping your office safe from intruders, fire and other accidents like chemical and gas leaks. Selecting a reputed provider is also very essential to get an efficient security system for your business premises. An ideal provider should be able to customize the alarm system to suit the safety requirements of the office. They should also leave room for future upgrades in the security system. Apart from proper installation, they should offer proper training to the security personnel in the office on using these security systems efficiently. Proper service and maintenance is also essential to keep these systems functioning at their optimum capacity.