In the motorcycle industry, there are so many manufacturers of different motorcycle brands that produce reliable and strong-quality motorbikes. Most of them continue to diversify their market to cater to the needs of the customers.

One of the Italian motorcycle manufacturers is Moto Guzzi which is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe and continuously producing motorcycles. It was established in Mandello del Lario, Italy in 1921. The company is renowned for its role in the motorcycle industry in Italy. Its prominence in the global arena of motorcycle racing, as well as innovative ways in the industry, have made Motto Guzzi a part of Italy’s historic creations of motorcycles.

In 2004, Piaggio owned the famous Moto Guzzi and made it as an exclusive subsidiary. Piaggio is the largest manufacturing company of motorcycles in Europe and the fourth largest manufacturer of motorcycles by unit sales. This contributed to the fame of Moto Guzzi in the world market. Its motorcycles are popularly known for their unique features and designs.

The origins of the company were conceived by a mechanic and two aircraft pilots in World War 1 named Giorgio Parodi, Carlo Guzzi, and Giovanni Ravelli. The three came from different social and economic classes but became close friends despite their status.

The three envisioned the creation of a motorcycle company when the war ended. Guzzi was the engineer, Parodi was the financier, and Ravelli promoted the motorcycles using his racing prowess. In 1921, Parodi and Guzzi created the company which became famous as the years went by.

In 1934, the founders wanted to give credit to the mechanics who made the engines, thus, each engine bore their signatures.

In 1950, most Italian factories together with Guzzi led in the Grand Prix race. It used the lightweight and durable 350 cc and 250 cc models created by Giulio Carcano. The company swept the middleweight classes.

After World War II, the motorcycle industry encountered difficulties. They solved the problem by producing cheaper and lighter motorcycles to be able to sustain the crisis.

In 2004 and onwards, the company continued to produce quality standard motorcycles that are being patronized by motor enthusiasts and ordinary people.