Truly the times are changing. When traveling on a foreign country or place, we used to have those commercial printed maps as a guide. A few years ago, Google Maps was created and we started referring to our phones whenever we need to go somewhere. With the rise of illustrated map, millennials are now geared towards this new and creative trend for map making.

Illustrated maps have a similar concept to regular maps but the difference lies in the illustrations or the graphics contained in the map. Regular maps, on the other hand, only contain the names of the places or the cities. Maps are one of the constant things in this world because people will always need it at one point or another. You can save your illustrated maps in your phone or gadget while in some establishments they provide their own especially around theme parks or hotels. If you are planning, however, to make your own for your business, here are a few things to consider when choosing an illustrator.

  • Inquire about the previous map illustrations he or she has done. You can also check their portfolio on their website. If it is their first professional job, make sure to see samples of their work. If possible, ask for the contact number of their previous clients to see whether they can provide personal feedback regarding the illustrator. You can also ask about the effectiveness of the map created and if it is still used by the business.
  • Choose an illustrator that uses techniques that match your needs. There are many ways by which illustrated maps are created but the ones used by the illustrator must be to your preference as well. There are those who are not specific when it comes to the methods used as long as the quality is above their expectations and it meets the requirement of the client.
  • If using an illustrated map for your place of business, make sure that you are partnering with someone who has a good reputation. They must have good working ethics and does not have issues with previous clients as it can also impact your business in some way.