In today’s competitive hospitality industry, hotels and resorts must turn to cutting edge solutions to attract more customers. At the villa in Koh Tao, Thailand, guest experience is enhanced and hotel operations are streamlined through technology solutions. It is no longer enough to have an amazing scenery and exotic surroundings because guest’s look forward to more special amenities.

More personalized experiences can be created for guests through predictive analytics that collect and leverage data. Technology allows hotel owners to create detailed guest profiles to make their stay better. The information collected by the hotel can improve customer satisfaction and encourage repeat visits. For example, if hotels will review their guest’s behaviour, they can make a guest feel special by stocking the room with his favourite beverages and the extra towels that he always orders.

According to the results of a study made by Cornell’s Centre for Hospitality Research on guests from the United States, customer satisfaction decreases by 47% when they are made to wait in line at the lobby. They want to use their mobile phones for check-in and check-out. Hotels that implement mobile check-in and check-out improve their operations as well because they can quickly determine room availability.

Cisco predicts that by 2020, 92% of the hotel workloads will be processed using cloud data centers. The cloud offers unlimited storage of information. Productivity can be greatly improved when information can be accessed anywhere at any time. Cloud computing will eliminate a hotel’s need for excessive hardware and security features. In the event of a network crash or a disaster, critical data is not lost because it is kept in the cloud.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are two of the technologies that make hotel operations efficient. Better service is delivered when AI chatbots instantly respond to the requests of guests. Replies are appropriately adapted for each human interaction.

If you have plans of visiting Thailand, your best option is a villa in Koh Tao in a natural wilderness setting with a mountain top view. You will enjoy the amazing view of the sea and the surrounding landscape including the lights of fishing vessels at night.