Bangkok is a huge city and getting around the city, navigating the heavy traffic may seem to be a daunting task for the tourists. The city is also famous for its long traffic jams during the peak traffic hours. However, the city is well connected through mass transit system and private transport. Tourists can reach the different sightseeing spots and other destinations easily by using the different transport systems in the city.

Tourists visiting Bangkok should book their stay at a Sukhumvit hotel or hotels in other well connected areas like Ploenchit, Silom etc. Staying at a well-connected area makes it easy for the tourists to navigate the city. Some of the transport systems in Bangkok are


BTS is also known as the Skytrain. The Skytrain connects all the major business districts, shopping areas and sightseeing attractions in the newer parts of the city. Skytrain runs on an elevated platform and is the fastest mode of travel between different destinations. Most of the Sukhumvit hotel are located close to the BTS stations. The BTS services start from 6a.m in the morning and are operational till the midnight.


MRT is also known as subway or underground metro. The MRT runs in two different lines that connect different parts of the city and its suburbs. The Blue line MRT is suitable for tourists as it connects all the famous sightseeing spots in the city. Tourists can also change between the MRT and BTS stations at the Interchange stations available at Asoke, Silom and other major stations.  Touristsstaying at popularSukhumvit hotel and other hotels in the area can easily reach the Asoke interchange station to catch the BTS and MRT trains.

Public bus

There is a well-established network for public buses that run throughout the city. Public buses are the best option for travellers looking for cheap mode of transport. The buses are basic and are crowded.

Airport Rail Link

The ARL or the airport Rail Link connects the main airport of Bangkok, The Suvarnabhumi International airport to the Central BTS station in the city. The approximate travel time between the airport and the last terminal is thirty minutes in city line express and seventeen minutes in Non-stop service. There are different services available at regular intervals. Once they reach the terminal, they can take the BTS to their preferred hotel destination. Tourists staying at reputedSukhumvit hotel and other hotels close to the BTS stations can easily reach their destination by using the ARL and BTS.