Different technologies have been introduced lately so that heating systems can be more efficient. However, if you still own a traditional boiler, a good option would be to seek advice from engineers that undertake boiler repairs in Middlesbrough because they are more experienced with boilers and know whether the boiler is compatible with the latest smart technologies.

Homeowners that use electricity to power up their boilers will be able to save on their energy bills through breakthrough infrared heating technology. A tech company that is based in Amsterdam has designed “Spring” which will be the most efficient heating systems for both domestic and industrial use. The long term goal of the new technology is to reduce domestic energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Spring can heat new homes and single rooms by using infrared heating technology. The rays can transform every single watt of energy to warm people and objects directly. Gas and electricity heats up the air not people. Excess moisture formation will be also eliminated to stop moulds from growing and remove stuffy air.

Compared to gas and electricity, infrared heat is more cost effective than traditional heating systems and spreads heat more effectively. For example, underfloor heating which was recently considered as one of the most efficient systems is 236% more expensive than Spring. Based on the results of Saiterm’s tests, Spring panels (1200mm x 600mm) only needs to produce about 460 watts of power to achieve more than 85oC.

Gas, oil and pellets are popular types of fuels for boilers but they are the sources of greenhouse gases over the past 50 years. Infrared technology provides homeowners with the opportunity to reduce their energy bills and at the same time protect the environment. Spring can also be controlled remotely through the Smartphone, tablet or thermostat.

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