Magnets are used in a variety of day-to-day applications. Most of the magnets and magnetic substances occur naturally such as magnetite, cobalt, nickel and lodestone. All these minerals are very hard and can be used for specific purposes only. Flexible magnets as their name suggests can be bent according to the requirements. This property increases their usefulness as they can be easily moulded into the required shape.

Flexible magnets are manufactured using magnetic minerals and plastic binders. The method of manufacture varies from one company to other. The most common method of manufacturing these flexible magnets involves combining highly coercive ferromagnetic compounds like ferric oxide with plastic binding agent and compressing the material using very powerful extruder machines. The next step involves passing the material over a line of permanent magnets and arranging the magnets in Brisbane with alternating magnetic poles. Though these magnets are not as strong as the other magnets, they have a unique uses.

Some of the common uses of flexible magnets in Brisbane are

  • Flexible magnets are used in the manufacture of toys. Since these magnets can be cut into different sizes and shapes, they can be easily fit into any size of toys, games and puzzles.
  • Another common use of flexible magnets in Brisbane is they can be used to create fridge magnets. The colourful souvenirs found at different popular tourist attractions are manufactured using flexible magnets.
  • Flexible magnets are also used commonly in advertising signs and signage. The unique characteristics of these magnets helps in fast fixing and fast removal of advertising panels and company logos, when display is not required.
  • Flexible magnets are also used in the manufacture of window and door seals. They are also used for fixing bug screens and glaze screens.
  • Flexible magnets are also used in the manufacture of motors, clocks, watches, cabinet closures, gaskets and automotive parts.

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