Logistics Trends Currently Affecting The Industry

The modern age is seeing the growth of automation, rising digital literacy, and e-commerce, and its affecting how businesses across the world. Logistics is not exempt from this. Increasing disposable income, dual-income households and increasing urbanisation, among other factors, have led to developed and emerging economies to follow logistics trends […]

How Logistics Companies Benefit From Artificial Intelligence

People usually assume that transportation logistics specialist is associated to trucking and product delivery. Transportation logistics is not only about trucks and various transportation services used in the delivery of goods; it includes transportation management, freight brokerage, international transportation and many more. A recent article in the Economist estimated that […]

Enhancing The Efficiency Of Hotel Operations Through Technology

In today‚Äôs competitive hospitality industry, hotels and resorts must turn to cutting edge solutions to attract more customers. At the villa in Koh Tao, Thailand, guest experience is enhanced and hotel operations are streamlined through technology solutions. It is no longer enough to have an amazing scenery and exotic surroundings […]