The industry where office cleaning services in Sydney belong to has been around for a quite while. On the other hand, new technological innovations like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are relatively new to the industry. Tech specialists believe that by 2020, most companies providing cleaning services will be using enhanced versions of reality in training programs to stay competitive.

According to Alan Smithson, CEO of MetaVRse, a leading VR and AR consulting and product development company, VR is cutting edge technology that can be used in training programs to increase learning and efficiency. Augmented reality overlays computer graphics in the internal memory to replace what is stored while virtual reality immerses a user completely in that world. These technologies are being successfully implemented in the auto industry but in the cleaning industry, it is still on the conceptual level.

In the cleaning industry where the objective is to align with personal user experience, they can keep pace through digital transformation that will ensure a more modern user experience. Maintenance workers use AR headsets that will provide them with step-by-step instructions in a technical way instead of reading a manual or accessing the website or phone.

Another technological solution that is currently being tested by Airbnb is the idea of geotagging a flag and leaving sticky notes in AR space. The notes will allow facility managers to immediately fix a problem like the need for repairs. The sticky notes will float mid-air so that staff can discover the issues at the start of their work day.

Training and re-training of maintenance staff can be relatively expensive but through AR headsets, employees can be guided by real time simulation on a process that they have no prior knowledge. During a troubleshooting process, AR technology can project an actual device and show where to unhinge a screw, change a pack or pull a wire.

Technology has certainly changed the way office cleaning services in Sydney are done because they have better equipment that can sustain the business in the future. Aside from cleaning services, clients are provided with useful tips for preventive maintenance on the premises for significant savings.