The market is very competitive for motorbike manufacturers. There is the need to develop new innovations in technology to create a motorbike with unbeatable performance. A less experienced biker has the option of Kawasaki Ninja 300 that is available through Kawasaki motorcycle dealers in Peterborough. There are also Kawasaki street bikes to ensure maximum comfort and optimum performance.

One of the challenges faced by Japan motorbike manufacturers is the shrinking and greying market. Japanese manufacturers need to survive by attracting a new generation of motorbike riders. They hope that flashy new technologies like electric power, self-balancing capabilities and internet connectivity will manage to do the trick.

At the Tokyo Motor Show held this year, bike lovers were given the opportunity to check out some of the latest advancements in motorbike technology. There is a bike that can stand upright without the need for a kickstand or respond to hand gestures. When Hiroyuki Yanagi, president and CEO of Yamaha Motors and said “Come on, Motoroid” during a demonstration, a futuristic motorbike rolled out. When the CEO said “stop,” the motorbike stood still.

The Motoroid which an electrically powered motorbike is exceptional because it has the ability to recognize the face of its rider including understand hand gestures using artificial intelligence. Yamaha’s Active Mass Central Control System can electronically maintain the attitude of the motorbike through the accelerometer and other sensors capable of detecting movements. The motorbike is balanced through the battery casing, swing arm and rear wheel shift.

Honda, another Japanese motorcycle manufacturer is currently working on a technology that will keep the motorcycle upright at low speed. During the demonstration, a rider on the Honda Riding Assist-e removed his hands off the handlebars but the bike stayed balanced on its own. The technology that was developed through robotic research will prevent the rider from falling when riding slowly.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries also joined the consortium through an open source software platform called SmartDeviceLInk that connects cars to mobile phones and operates through voice commands and other technologies. At the motor show, Kawasaki displayed large and mid-sized motorcycles that are also available through Kawasaki motorcycle dealers in Peterborough.